Our Commitment to You

Pharmacist Tim Albonetti and Family
Pharmacist Tim Albonetti and Family

Pharmacy Care of Tennessee was founded by Tim Albonetti and his family in October 2012. As a retail pharmacist for many years, Tim’s vision was to create a true community pharmacy in Nolensville, TN, focusing on the “whole” patient and providing superb personalized customer service. We strive to get to know the person behind the patient. Any pharmacy can simply fill prescriptions, but we take your medication therapy to heart.

Since opening our doors, Pharmacy Care of Tennessee has expanded our services to include specialty pharmacy. We take care of approximately 200 organ transplant patients across the state of Tennessee, and we help manage many other higher-risk conditions such as Hepatitis C and diabetes.

Over the years, we have seen an increased need for customized medications and alternatives to opiods for patients in chronic pain. In response to repeated requests from our patients, Pharmacy Care of Tennessee further expanded in 2016 to include compounding services. Compounding allows us to create unique, patient-specific prescriptions. We can address countless issues from sensitivities with commercially made products to the need for alternative dosage forms to helping our patients get back to feeling like themselves with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Due to our love for our sweet furry family, Pharmacy Care of Tennessee also provides routine retail prescriptions and compounding services for your beloved cat or dog.

We have made a commitment to you, your family, and your overall medical care…a commitment that we are proud of. We thank you for letting our family take care of your family.