Did You Know…?

  • Transferring prescriptions is an easy process! We don’t need new prescriptions from your provider (unless you are transferring a controlled substance). Just call us to provide some basic information, and we are happy to handle the rest.
  • Refills are good for one year from the date the provider writes the prescription. (It’s only six months for a controlled substance). So even if you have refills remaining, but it’s been longer than 12 months, those leftover refills will be forfeited.
  • If you have prescription drug coverage with your medical insurance, the insurance carrier/Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) dictates the pricing of your prescription medications through your plan’s drug copays or the contracted amount (if you don’t have copays but your drug benefit is subject to a deductible). Therefore, pricing should be the same from pharmacy to pharmacy. Choose Pharmacy Care of Tennessee and let our family to take care of your family!
  • Cash prices are not the same from pharmacy to pharmacy, however, and can even vary greatly. If you don’t have prescription drug coverage, give us a call. We always strive to be competitive and fair!